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We include a free sample of tea with every order. A great way to try new tea!
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Whats new!

Thank you for choosing to shop with us, as a family company we really do appreciate your support. We continue to provide same or next day shipping across our whole range, and our warehouse is well stocked. We are following government and WHO advice and we are ensuring the safety of our team. 

Loyalty Points are back!
Ready for 2020 our loyalty points scheme is back! Each pound you spend in store will be worth 5p You must register for a customer account to be able to take advantage of this offer. We will be sending out emails with specific special offers each month. These will require codes and you must be signed up to our newsletter to receive them. This is part of our efforts to say thank you to our regular customers

Decaffeinated Teas!
We have added five decaffeinated blends to our catalogue. These include: Ceylon, Darjeeling, Assam, Earl Grey and English Breakfast. These decaf blends are all created using a natural CO2 decaffeinating process. This is not only better because it leaves behind no chemicals, it also preserved the taste of the tea and is better for the environment. 
To keep things easy we have put them all together just click here to see more
If you would like to try a sample of these teas with your next order just drop us a line. if there are any other suggestions for teas you would like to see available from our web store let us know. 
About us!
Tea as it should be!

Not the most interesting of plants to look at, but depending on where it is planted; the soil conditions; the rainfall, when it’s harvested; how it’s harvested and how it’s cured it can turn into White Tea; Green Tea (Normal, Gunpowder, Flavoured); Black Tea (Estate, Flavoured); Oolong; Pu-Erh etc... giving satisfaction and enjoyment to millions across the globe.

When you buy a pack of our premium quality loose leaf tea, be prepared to be amazed and delighted!

Starting with the fine aroma you smell as you open our flavour proof packaging; continuing with the magic of watching the leaves unfurl and swirl as they brew; ending with the wonderful taste sensation as you drink your superb cup of tea.

A whole new world awaits you within these pages.

Life’s too short for cheap tea. So we don’t sell cheap tea We sell excellent tea!