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Welcome to a Taste Sensation !

Camelia Sinensis

The Tea Bush

Not the most interesting of plants to look at, but depending on
where it is planted; the soil conditions; the rainfall,
when it’s harvested; how it’s harvested and how it’s cured

it can turn into

White Tea; Green Tea (Normal, Gunpowder, Flavoured);
Black Tea (Estate, Flavoured); Oolong; Pu-Erh etc...
giving satisfaction and enjoyment to millions across the globe.

Welcome to Simpli-Special
Tea as it should be!

When you buy a pack of our premium quality loose leaf tea,
be prepared to be amazed and delighted!

Starting with the fine aroma you smell as you open
our flavour proof packaging;
Continuing with the magic of watching the leaves
unfurl and swirl as they brew;
Ending with the wonderful taste sensation as you
drink your superb cup of tea.

A whole new world awaits you within these pages.

Life’s too short for cheap tea.
So we don’t sell cheap tea

We sell excellent tea!

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