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Keep Calm Relaxing Herbal Blend

Looking for a moment of calm in the chaos of the world?

A wonderfully refreshing herbal tea that tastes good hot or cold
This caffeine-free herbal blend is the perfect mix to keep you relaxed and focused. It is full of natural ingredients which are very tasty and refreshing. What's even better is that they are also good for you.
 Relaxing Herbal Blend with Chamomile. Sweet but gently spiced.
Relaxing herbal blend with Chamomile. Sweet but gently spiced

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Not the most interesting of plants to look at, but depending on where it is planted; the soil conditions; the rainfall, when it’s harvested; how it’s harvested and how it’s cured it can turn into White Tea; Green Tea (Normal, Gunpowder, Flavoured); Black Tea (Estate, Flavoured); Oolong; Pu-Erh etc... giving satisfaction and enjoyment to millions across the globe.

When you buy a pack of our premium quality loose leaf tea, be prepared to be amazed and delighted!

Starting with the fine aroma you smell as you open our flavour proof packaging; continuing with the magic of watching the leaves unfurl and swirl as they brew; ending with the wonderful taste sensation as you drink your superb cup of tea.

A whole new world awaits you within these pages.

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