About Us

We sell Tea because we are Passionate about Tea.

We remember as children the ceremony with which a cup of tea was made, heating the pot. only fresh running water, Milk first or second? etc. We remember the taste and just thought our tastebuds where getting jaded as we aged.  Then we were introduced to  a source of loose leaf tea and were amazed!!  The flavours were all back!!  This tea had been brought back to us by a friend from abroad and soon ran out - Despair!

After some research into the differences between varieties of tea bush (Camellia Sinensis) Different methods of 'Curing' the leaves and the effects of Temperature, Humidity and Altitude on the finished product, we decided to import our own supply.  Low and behold!  we found others liked our teas, to the extent that ours kept 'going walkies'.  We now import tea as a business - that way we get to keep our own.

We are a small, family run business. We operate in the traditional manner as tea shops used to operate - you order a tea; we take the tea; we carefully weigh it and then seal it in a speciality bag. This means that the tea reaches you in the best condition possible and you can use the bag we send your tea in as a caddy.

If you love tea and have never tried loose leaf tea give it a try now.  If you have tried loose leaf tea before - this is preaching to the already converted.

If you have any tea related requirements we don't yet cover, please let us know.

Thank you for your interest,