English Breakfast Luxury Loose Leaf Tea FP in Assorted Packs

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Good body but not overpowering with satisfying full tea flavour notes.
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English Breakfast
 Ethically Sourced Black Loose Leaf Tea

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka.

Ethical Sourcing: Sourced from farms monitored by the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Cup Characteristics: Good body but not overpowering with satisfying full tea flavour notes.

Infusion: Bright and coppery - especially enticing with milk.

Ingredients: Black Flowery Pekoe tea.

Antioxidant Level: High.

Caffeine Content: Medium.


Tea in Britain

Britain is known as a nation of tea drinkers despite the fact that the British were fairly late on the tea scene in historical terms.  Tea was first brought to Britain in Dutch ships and soon proved that popular that the British government wanted control away from the Netherlands.  This was supposedly achieved by banning the import of tea on anything but British ships.  To get around this tea was transshipped in Holland to British ships.  Not the fame the British wanted with tea, look up references to High Tea, The Brown Betty, The American War of Independence, The Opium Wars, etc.  A fascinating subject.

The health benefits of tea were well-known way back in the 1950's. The famous coffee house proclaimed that: "Tea makes the body healthy and lusty.  Tea is declared to be the most wholesome; preserving perfect health until extreme old age."
Whilst this may have been guesswork back then, the health benefits of tea are now very well known. High levels of antioxidants and slimming benefits are just two.

English Breakfast gives a warm and glowing start to the day, but can be drunk at any time. This tea is sourced from tea plantations that are monitored by the Ethical Tea Partnership, meaning a fairer deal for the growers and workers, and a more environmentally friendly way to produce tea.

It's now time to throw away the tea bags and try a great taste experience. You may not believe the difference that comes with using premium tea and brewing in the old fashioned way. Just as coffee has seen a revival with millions of people changing from instants to fresh roast beans, so also has tea been seeing a revival with new tea houses opening around the country, and the world.


Hot Tea Brewing Method

Place 1 teaspoon of tea per cup (and add 1 teaspoon for the pot) into your teapot. For a more intense flavour, add a bit more tea. Pour boiling water into the pot and let it steep for about 3 - 7 minutes. Pour into your cup and enjoy.

Add milk and sugar to taste. Acceptable to drink 'straight up.'

Alternatively, put the tea in a tea infuser and brew right in your cup.


Iced Tea Brewing Method

Make as for hot, but add extra tea - a rule of thumb is to double the amount used. When the tea has cooled a little, pour over ice. It is important to make it a little stronger as the ice will water it down.

Alternatively, you can cold brew the tea by placing the tea in a jug and adding cold water. Leave to infuse for a few hours (or overnight in the fridge) strain and enjoy. Cold brewing will give a smoother taste.


Simpli-Special - Tea as it Should be!
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