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Hemp Herbal Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

Hemp tea. Complex earthy soothing character with a hint of sweetness.

Eucalyptus & Honey Immunity Boosting Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

A blend of high-quality herbs fruits and flowers with a sweet soothing flavour. Designed to bolster your immune response and respiratory system

High Energy Green Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

A green tea designed to help people to face early mornings, especially when they don't want to. The Mate and matcha powder add extra caffeine into the blend.

Orange Hibiscus Wellness Pure Dried Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea Infusion in Assorted Packs

Sweet and sharp character with light earthy notes and refreshing citrus.

Peppermint and Liquorice Digestive Herbal Tea in Assorted Packs

Sweet minty fresh flavour. A wonderfully refreshing herbal tea that tastes good hot or cold

Turmeric Spice Tisane Caffeine-Free Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Blend in a Choice of Quantities

This herbal blend offers a potent pick-me-up that surprises the tongue and warms the body from head to toe.

Winter Wellness Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea Infusion In Assorted Packs

Feeling under the weather? This soothing blend of ginger spice and citrus will pep you right up. An exceedingly rich and delicious herbal tea. Perfect for sipping hot or iced.

Keep Calm Relaxing Blend Loose Leaf Tea with Chamomile

Sweet but gently spiced, complex but soothing character.

Orchard Hibiscus Wellness Fruity Green Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

A refreshing, fruity green tea. Contains real fruit and natural flavours.

Plum Kombucha Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea in a Choice of Quantities

The fine, elegant taste of plums and mirabelles are a delight for the taste buds.

Red Ginseng Sencha Luxury Green Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

The tea tends light liquoring, fresh and smooth with reasonable depth and body. The flavouring and subtle flavour notes give the tea a wonderful exotic character.

Sencha Kukicha Japanese Green Stem Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

Japanese green stem tea. Distinctive Japanese green profile. Cup tends lightly vegetative leading to a beguiling finish loaded with malt.