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Eucalyptus & Honey Immunity Boosting Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

A blend of high-quality herbs fruits and flowers with a sweet soothing flavour. Designed to bolster your immune response and respiratory system

Orange Hibiscus Wellness Pure Dried Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea Infusion in Assorted Packs

Sweet and sharp character with light earthy notes and refreshing citrus.

Rooibos Earl Grey Herbal Red Bush Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

Rooibos, also called Red Bush, is a herbal tea from South Africa.  Naturally caffeine-free and low in tannins this tea is known for its rich, nutty flavour with notes of vanilla. This is our twist on the classic Earl Grey.

Winter Wellness Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea Infusion In Assorted Packs

Feeling under the weather? This soothing blend of ginger spice and citrus will pep you right up. An exceedingly rich and delicious herbal tea. Perfect for sipping hot or iced.

Cinnamon Rooibos Chai Red Bush Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

Wonderful earthy flavour with a mild hot finish. Star anise character adds depth and mystery. If you like a caffeine-free treat in the evening this is perfect. Also tastes great iced.

Dried Ginger Root Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

Excellent clean ginger notes with a refreshing ginger hot finish.
Clean lingering character.

Indulgent Lemon Cake Tea Caffeine-Free Fruit and Herb Blend in Assorted Packs

Need a refreshing sweet treat but without all the calories? A wonderfully refreshing fruity tea that tastes good hot, cold, or indeed frozen.

Keep Calm Relaxing Blend Loose Leaf Tea with Chamomile

Sweet but gently spiced, complex but soothing character.

Liquorice Root Milled Herbal Loose leaf Tea in Assorted Quantities

Sweet character with light medicinal notes and anise-like finish.
Excellent blended with peppermint or chamomile.

Moroccan Spearmint Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

Menthol, cool, fresh.

Raspberry Leaf Pure Natural Luxury Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

Leaves carry a neutral flavour tending towards a grassy character. Caffeine free.

Rooibos Red Bush Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

Our pure Rooibos tea has a naturally sweet and earthy flavour, with nutty and vanilla overtones. When brewed, it has a bright red hue, even on the second infusion.

Small Batch - Egyptian Chamomile Pure Petals & Florets - Herbal Tea 50g

Very aromatic with a fruity tending floral flavour.

Stinging Nettle Tea Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Infusion in Assorted Packs

Vibrant herbal character with a slight hint of spinach

Turkish Apple Loose Leaf Real Fruit Tea Infusion in Assorted Packs

Gorgeous apple fruit flavour very reminiscent of those hot Moroccan holidays.

Virgin Pina Colada Alcohol Free Loose Leaf Fruit Tea in Assorted Packs

A lively, fresh and fruity taste reminiscent of hot, sunny holidays abroad.
Try hot or cold, a delight as an iced tea.

Yummy Berry Fruit Tea in Assorted Packs

Sweet and fruity blend for the whole family. Caffeine-free.

Egyptian Chamomile Herbal Tea or mixer for Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

Very aromatic with a fruity tending floral flavour.

Lavender Flowers - Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

The taste is mild with a distinctive floral perfume and a slight pungency.

Peppermint and Liquorice Digestive Herbal Tea in Assorted Packs

Sweet minty fresh flavour. A wonderfully refreshing herbal tea that tastes good hot or cold

Turmeric Spice Tisane Caffeine-Free Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Blend in a Choice of Quantities

This herbal blend offers a potent pick-me-up that surprises the tongue and warms the body from head to toe.