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Not surprisingly, we do not grow our own tea!

We do import tea from all around the globe. Each new season we sample teas and select the finest single estates and blends from well established tea gardens. We have relationships with tea growers that stretch back to 2004, these connections put us at the very heartbeat of the tea community.  All this means we ensure that our tea offering is one we are immensely proud of. 

Our teas come packed in a variety of ways. The foil pouch (pictured left) is our standard packaging. In this we can guarantee the tea is kept safe from air, light and water so the flavours are preserved at there best. This packaging is re-sealable so can be used to store the tea between brews .The caddy (pictured right) is the perfect choice for the consumer who knows what tea they always keep in stock. You can request the caddy to be plastic free. We are now offering traditional and eco packaging. The Eco packaging is fully recyclable but requires the tea to be moved to an airtight container once received by the customer. We also sell the teas in bulk packs (pictured at the back) which make the teas even better value, these are perfect for hotels, cafe's and beauty salons.

Our tea packaging range

How you brew your tea is very important. To make sure you make the most of your tea we stock a number of infusers specifically so you can ensure the quality whilst still getting good value. These range from our 5cm (2") 18/8 Stainless Steel tea ball to our range of tea filters. Whether you are making a pot or a cup we have the right infuser for you. Check out our current range here

The filters are either unbleached or oxygen bleached. If required, the unbleached ones can be sealed using an impulse sealer. You can buy those here.

Our tea filter range

Whatever you buy, if it has our name on it you can be sure that it is the best quality so we are happy to be associated with it. And to back this up, please remember that we have a 100% no-quibble guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason then please contact us to  arrange for a replacement and/or a returns label.

Enjoy your tea!