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White Tea Taster Assortment Loose Leaf Tea 5 x 10g + 20 Tea Filter sample pack

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5 Pack Assortment of Luxury to Premium Rare White Teas
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White Tea Taster Set

5 Pack Assortment of Luxury to Premium Rare White Teas
Plus 20 Pack of Tea Filters



Pai Mu Tan, 10g

Country of Origin: China, Fujian Province.
Cup Characteristics: A clear, slightly pale cup with a fresh aroma and a velvety finish.
Infusion: Pale yellow.
Ingredients: White tea, 2 leaves and a bud.

100 Monkeys Rolled White Tip, 10g

Country of Origin: China, Hunan Province.
Cup Characteristics: Excellent new season flavour. The strength of the cup belies it's white tea nature.
Infusion: Very pale, slightly green.
Ingredients: Downy white tip tea.

2 Doves Silver Needle, 10g

Country of Origin: China, Fujian Province.
Cup Characteristics: A premium tea with exquisite, haunting hints of peach and a fresh, lingering finish.
Infusion: Shimmering with light yellow notes.
Ingredients: Premium white tea buds.

Peony White Needle, 10g

Country of Origin: China, Fujian Provence.
Cup Characteristics: This delicate white tea has a clean taste, faintly reminiscent of fresh apples.
Infusion: A shimmering, clear infusion.
Ingredients: Premium white tea buds. 

Adams Peak Silver Needle, 10g

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya Region.
Cup Characteristics: Delicate, very light liquoring with notes of honey and pine.
Infusion: Shimmering with light yellow notes.
Ingredients: Premium rare white tea buds.



20 Pack of Tea Filters
Unbleached Manila Hemp Tea & Coffee Filters.

Fill with tea to taste
Bend flap and use as a hook to suspend the tea in the cup
Brew your cuppa
Can be used more than once to re-infuse (if appropriate).



Hot Tea Brewing Method

Bring fresh cold water to a rolling boil. Place 1 teaspoon for each cup into the pot. Allow the water to cool (approx 80°C or 180°F) cover and allow to steep for 3 to 4 minutes - do not remove the leaves from the pot because they can be used repeatedly until the flavour of the tea is exhausted. This makes white tea much cheaper per cup than it would seem.

Alternatively, put the tea in a tea infuser and brew right in your cup. When preparing by the cup, this tea can be used repeatedly - about 3 times.

Some like to brew this straight in the cup without an infuser, but be careful not to drink the leaves at the bottom of your cup. The pattern of the leaves is said to tell your fortune.

White teas are normally served without milk and sugar.



Iced Tea Brewing Method

Make as for hot, but add extra tea - a rule of thumb when preparing fresh brewed iced tea is to double the amount of tea leaves per cup. When the tea has cooled a little, pour over ice. It is important to make it a little stronger as the ice will water it down.

Alternatively, you can cold brew the tea by placing the tea leaves in a jug and adding cold water. Leave to infuse for a few hours (or overnight in the fridge) strain and enjoy. Cold brewing will give a smoother taste.




Simpli-Special - Tea as it Should be!

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