White Tea Taster Assortment Loose Leaf Tea 5 x 10g Tea Filter sample pack

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5 Pack Assortment of Luxury to Premium Rare White Teas with a sample pack of tea filters to brew in

White Tea Taster Set

5 Pack Assortment of Luxury & Premium Rare White Teas
Plus Sample Pack of Tea Filters


Like many things in the world of tea, there are no universally accepted definitions for what white tea technically is.  It is generally excepted, however, that the leaves are minimally processed after picking so as to avoid as much oxidation as possible.  It is also most likely that the dried leaves will be left open and unrolled, resulting in a beautiful, untainted, natural appearance.  This does mean that the leaves are remarkably brittle and difficult to transport, lending to the white teas delicate charm, as well as to its sometimes prohibitive cost. Despite the name, white tea when brewed will produce a pale yellow liquor with light, nuanced flavours and a delicate summer-time sweetness.  Overall, the experience of a white tea from start to finish is a study in beauty and subtlety and a genuine treat for tea veterans and novices alike.


100 Monkeys
Rolled White Tip
70-80�C ~ 1-2 tsp/cup ~ 3 min

Country of Origin: China, Hunan Province.
Cup Characteristics: Excellent new season flavour. The strength of the cup belies it's white tea nature.
Infusion: Very pale, slightly green.
Ingredients: Downy white tip tea.
Size: 10g in Resealable Pouch.

Pai Mu Tan
80�C ~ 1-2 tsp/cup ~ 3-4 min

Country of Origin: China, Fujian Province.
Cup Characteristics: A clear, slightly pale cup with a fresh aroma and a velvety finish.
Infusion: Pale yellow.
Ingredients: White tea, 2 leaves and a bud.
Size: 10g in Resealable Pouch.

Pomegranate Dragon Fruit
80�C ~ 1 tsp/cup ~ 3 min

Country of Origin: China, Hunan.
Cup Characteristics: tends light liquoring, fresh and smooth with reasonable depth and body. The Pomegranate and Dragonfruit pieces with Premium white and green teas give the tea a wonderfully exotic and very delicate fruit character. A delight for the taste buds.
Infusion: Pale yellow-green.
Ingredients: Green Sencha tea, kukicha tea, dragon fruit pieces (dragonfruit, cane sugar, icing sugar, corn starch, acidifier: citric acid), pai mu tan tea, lemongrass, flavourings, freeze-dried kiwi and raspberry pieces and pomegranate arils.
Size: 20g in Resealable Pouch.

Strawberry Pineapple
80�C ~ 1 tsp/cup ~ 3 min

Country of Origin: China, Hunan.
Cup Characteristics: The tea tends light liquoring, fresh and smooth with reasonable depth and body. The strawberry and pineapple pieces and premium green and white teas give the tea a wonderful exotic and very summery character.Infusion: Pale yellow-green.
Ingredients: Premium green tea, Pai Mu Tan, Yunnan and silver needle teas, sunflower petals, strawberry pieces, pineapple pieces, orange pieces, natural flavours.
Size: 20g in Resealable Pouch.

Ontario Icewine
80�C ~ 1 tsp/cup ~ 3 min

Country of Origin: China, Fujian Province.
Cup Characteristics: Smooth and silky with light Riesling and berry notes. A mild astringent finish.
Infusion: Light yellow.
Ingredients: White tea, Ontario ice wine, natural flavours (organic compliant).
Size: 10g in Resealable Pouch.


Sample Pack of Tea Filters

Fill with tea to taste
Bend flap and use as a hook to suspend the tea in the cup
Brew your cuppa
Can be used more than once to re-infuse (if appropriate).


Brewing Suggestions

Bring fresh cold water to a rolling boil. Place 1 teaspoon for each cup into the pot. Allow the water to cool to the appropriate temperature, then pour in the pot, cover and allow to steep for 3 to 4 minutes - according to taste & tea type.

White tea leaves can be brewed repeatedly, until the flavour of the tea is exhausted. This makes white tea much cheaper per cup than it would seem. We recommend brewing in a re-usable tea infuser, as this allows you to simply remove the leaves from the water as soon as it has reached the appropriate brew time.

White teas are normally served without milk and sugar.


Iced Tea Brewing

Make as for hot, but add extra tea - a rule of thumb when preparing fresh brewed iced tea is to double the amount of tea leaves per cup. When the tea has cooled a little, pour over ice. It is important to make it a little stronger as the ice will water it down.

Alternatively, you can cold brew the tea by placing the tea leaves in a jug and adding cold water. Leave to infuse for a few hours (or overnight in the fridge) strain and enjoy. Cold brewing will give a smoother taste.


Tea, in Brief

Tea is fascinating!  It has a rich history that spans back 5000 years to its origins in ancient China.  Since then it has become much loved all over the world,  not least of all here in the UK. The standard British response to anything has always been to pop the kettle on.  A nice hot cuppa soothes the soul and bolsters morale, but the long-lasting health benefits of tea such as high levels of antioxidants and improved heart health are now well documented. The world of tea is enjoying a revival, with many people making the switch away from tea bags and back to better tasting, healthier and more eco-friendly loose leaf tea.  Thank you for being a part of this new tea renaissance.  We sincerely hope you enjoy the teas in this pack.



Simpli-Special - Tea as it Should be!

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