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White Teas

White teas are a very rare variant of Camelia Sinensis and have practically no processing - they are mainly hand picked and sun dried. Renowned for their high levels of polyphenols (plant anti-oxidents) they are generally purported to be very good for your health.  Generally very mild and delicate but with many nuances of flavour, Savour slowly. 

Along with all Green and Oolong tea's white tea can be brewed repeatedly until it loses it's flavour, usually 3 to 4 times.

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Pai Mu Tan Luxury White Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

A clear slightly pale cup with a fresh aroma and a smooth velvety flavour.

100 Monkeys Luxury White Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

Excellent new season flavour. The strength of the cup belies its white tea nature.

Oasis Mango White Loose Leaf Tea with Natural Flavouring in Assorted Packs

Mango abounds and the mellow character notes of natural white tea.

Pomegranate Dragonfruit Premium White / Green Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

A wonderfully exotic and very delicate fruit character.
A delight as iced tea, to sip on hot summer days.

Strawberry Pineapple Green & White Loose Leaf Tea in Assorted Packs

The subtle flavours from the strawberry and pineapple fruit pieces blend on top of the premium quality green and white teas, giving a wonderfully exotic and very summery character to your cup. Delicious hot or cold, as iced tea.